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One global student body.
Leveraging technology to bring students closer, Ulinq is a transformational peer-to-peer network that is changing students’ lives for the better.
Classmates, colleagues & alumni
Ulinq significantly improves the way you connect, communicate, collaborate and network. With Ulinq, you can highlight your accomplishments and exchange imaginative ideas with peers throughout the world.
Groups of interest
Venture beyond the borders of your school by joining groups that reflect your academic, artistic & athletic interest, and engage with a network of students attending over 18,000 colleges and universities in 180 countries.
A global network of schools
Ulinq enables students, faculty and alumni everywhere to discover and explore other campus communities throughout the world. Receive notifications directly from your school, keep track of upcoming events, participate in Q&As and follow schools of your choice through updates, school insights, and live news feeds.
Ulinq Marketplace
Get exposed to hiring recruiters and pursue employment opportunities that match your career aspirations and skillset before you graduate. Ulinq Marketplace gives recruiters access to Ulinq user profiles to search for candidates for future employment consideration.
My Ulinq
Showcase your talents and accomplishments with a custom online portfolio and resume hosted at your own personal URL. My Ulinq gives you access to a public profile to highlight and share your achievements with the world.
Discover the world through the lives of your peers and showcase your academic, artistic and athletic talents like never before.Ulinq encourages individual expression and empowers you to become a more active participant in your learning experience and future career. Soon Ulinq will offer students valuable exposure to hiring recruiters and access to professional employment opportunities.
Communicate with your students and fellow contemporaries around the world in a safe, inter-university consortium setting to discuss your research, lectures, curriculum and academic writings, while offering interested students an opportunity to participate in the conversation.
Stay connected to your alma mater and keep in touch with your former classmates, professors and international contacts. Share news about your achievements and strengthen your school spirit long after graduation.
Every school has access to a custom branded Ulinq profile where they can manage updates, connect a live new feed, post events, moderate Q&As and add insights to provide fingertip facts about the institution. Ulinq users can follow schools of their choice, offering prospective and current students access to campuses throughout the world.
Through the Ulinq Marketplace, industry recruiters gain access to eligible student candidates for potential employment consideration. Recruiters can review student resumes and portfolios, and post job openings for all Ulinq users to view. Notifications are sent directly to those students who are most qualified for a particular position and users can apply directly through Ulinq.
Ulinq is not a social network, it is the Global Education Network.